MICRO 2020 Keynote: Srilatha (Bobbie) Manne

Architecting a Sustainable Planet

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Sustainability has become a key driver of business decisions for many corporations. All major information technology companies have committed to reducing their environmental impact and moving towards a more sustainable future. Data centers themselves are an integral part of the modern IT infrastructure, and their rapid growth now and into the future make them a significant contributor to carbon, water and waste issues. In addition, the demands that the data centers place on the global ecosystem impact the entire planet.

We will examine the sustainability benefits and challenges of modern data centers from the building infrastructure to the architecture of the servers, and from the carbon emissions resulting from the manufacturing and use of the systems to their eventual waste disposal. Although the talk focuses on data centers, many of the topics and challenges are applicable to other computer products and designs. This talk will provide inspiration for the academic community to incorporate sustainability as a primary objective (first class citizen?) in how we design and use current and future systems.


Srilatha (Bobbie) Manne has worked in the computer industry for over two decades in both industrial labs and product teams at Compaq, Intel, AMD and Cavium. She is currently a Principal Hardware Engineer in the Azure Hardware Systems and Infrastructure group at Microsoft. Her work has focused on power and performance analysis from processor microarchitecture to data centers. Srilatha has continued to publish while in industry, and has over 20 patents granted. She served as the General Chair for ISCA 2019 and has served on numerous program committees throughout the years. Her latest passion is collaborating with, and learning from, an interdisciplinary group of engineers and technical experts on sustainability topics centered around data centers. She currently lives in Seattle with her husband and two children.

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